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A truly global startup that was founded in Tokyo, Infostellar is trying to effect a paradigm shift in the current space industry. To achieve this, we've assembled a diverse team, with backgrounds in software development, tech startups, as well as established space companies.

Our common goal of building a global network of LEO ground stations requires a broad range of roles and functions, meaning that we're a dynamic team often wearing multiple hats, adapting as we address business priorities and growing our skills in ever more interesting ways.


Working at Infostellar



Technical Project Manager

"We find ourselves immersed in an era of constant change, where the differing needs between the new space and the traditional space needs to be jointly addressed. The challenge is guaranteed."



Business Administrator

"The people on our team have a very flexible mindset, so there aren’t fixed ideas about how things should be. We pool our different experiences to find the best solution."



Site Reliability Engineer

"The team is well-equipped to collaborate remotely and asynchronously. For those who appreciate living in smaller cities, Infostellar provides an opportunity to participate actively in the global economy at the frontiers of technology."

Our values


Build trust

Conduct yourself so that other members can rely on you to perform. Hold your work to a high standard.

Rethink and remake

Always ask "why?" Question existing frameworks and take steps to improve them.

Never stop learning

Be confident in your skills, but retain a beginner's mind. Always seek to improve yourself both technically and personally.

Foster respect

Treat everyone, both inside and outside of the company, with integrity and sensitivity.



→ Weekly TGIF
→ 20 vacation days per year
→ Flexible working policy
→ Commuter pass, Healthcare & annual check-ups
→ Partnership with a Japanese language school
→ English as the working language

Job Openings

Don't see anything that matches your skillset? We're also accepting general applications.

Simpler ground segments for modern space businesses

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