StellarStation has started TT&C services on commercial UHF bands, with plans to roll out S and X band support in the following months. Users can uplink and downlink through the StellarStation web interface or integrate via API. (Public definition available on GitHub).

Pay-as-you-go UHF TT&C is priced at 2.70 USD per minute of usage, with additional fees for ground station licensing that vary by location. There is also an optional subscription plan, which offers 40 minutes of daily usage for 3,000 USD per month.

The first operational locations include Cape Town, South Africa and Tokyo, Japan. More locations will be onboarded in the coming months. To learn more about StellarStation’s features and pricing plan, visit

About Infostellar

Infostellar is a satellite communications infrastructure provider developing a quick and flexible ground station network called StellarStation. By lowering barriers to entry in the ground segment, Infostellar empowers newspace startups to build better missions and improve the quality of their service. Founded in 2016, Infostellar is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.