The ICT Innovation Challenge

Infostellar (CEO: Naomi Kurahara) was awarded a $474K grant in the 2016 Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Innovation Challenge Program, presented by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication (MIC) of Japan. The Ministry began this challenge program in 2014 in support of venture companies focusing on ICT to provide research and development support and to encourage new business creation.

Significance for Infostellar

It is worth note that Infostellar was awarded a grant despite its focus on the heavily regulated radiowave industry. This is an encouraging sign, given the regulatory constraints that will need to be addressed with the MIC moving forward. Additionally, Infostellar was one of only five Japanese companies to receive a grant during the 2016 program.

Infostellar’s Vision: Build the Largest Communications Infrastructure in Space

Currently, a single fixed satellite antenna dedicated to a particular satellite can communicate with that satellite for less than one hour per day. This is not much time, given the effort required to deploy a satellite. However, if satellite antennas worldwide were connected to a platform that enabled their idle time to be shared, more communication time with each satellite orbiting the earth would become available—even continuous, real-time communication would be possible.

The Infinite Possibilities of Continuous Communication

Continuous communication would dramatically change the field of satellite operation. Rather than working through the complicated process of managing satellites within a limited communication window and a fixed antenna, satellite operators could offer real time service. Infostellar looks forward to the development and expansion of new services in this future playing field.

Effective Use of Unused Satellite Antennas

All around the world, the idle time of satellite antennas poses a waste of their owners’ resources. Infostellar’s business model provides an effective way for satellite antenna owners to make use of their existing assets, while also opening the space for innovation in the industry.

About Infostellar

Infostellar is a space communications infrastructure firm, developing the world’s only cloud-based satellite antenna sharing platform: StellarStation. By lowering costs and increasing transmission time, Infostellar empowers satellite operators to improve the quality of their service and expand potential business. Founded in 2016, Infostellar is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. For more information, visit