As of December 3, 2018, Infostellar Tokyo has moved to a new location near Gotanda Station. With the larger office, Infostellar can accommodate more new team members and allocate more space for RF hardware development.

Earlier this year, Infostellar released a commercial UHF service for StellarStation and plans to release service expansions for S band and X band in early 2019. To drive this business expansion forward, Infostellar continues to hire more talent and refine its technology. With that in mind, the new office also features a dedicated laboratory space for RF research and development.

3F Gotanda Kowa Building
8-1-5 Nishi-Gotanda Shinagawa
Tokyo 141-0031 Japan

About Infostellar

Infostellar is a satellite communications infrastructure provider developing a quick and flexible ground station network called StellarStation. By lowering barriers to entry in the ground segment, Infostellar empowers newspace startups to build better missions and improve the quality of their service. Founded in 2016, Infostellar is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.