Infostellar’s closed beta process for StellarStation has kicked off with the onboarding of beta antenna and satellite partners, with platform usage testing to begin at the beginning of 2018. This extended schedule will allow the Infostellar team to ensure a more stable product upon public launch, and incorporate more antenna partners into the testing process.

COO Kaz Ishigame comments, “The schedule has changed slightly but thanks to the hard work of our engineering team, we’re happy to announce that we’re now in the process of shipping the first batch of our ground station sharing devices.

We’re thankful for the overwhelmingly positive response to our closed beta so far, and proud to be working with our current antenna and satellite partners. We look forward to even more partners joining us in the future.”

StellarStation, a cloud-based satellite antenna sharing platform, allows antenna owners to share their unused transmission time and access antennas all around the world for their own satellite operations. In order to smoothly facilitate this process, the platform also processes downlink data and allows users to issue operation commands.

During closed beta and upon public release, StellarStation will first provide support to UHF band satellites, with support for S, X, and Ka bands to follow.

Antenna owners interested in becoming a StellarStation testing partner for the closed beta can sign up for more information at