The ground station platform for modern space businesses

StellarStation provides access to different ground stations around the world, all connected through our single API. 

Earn revenue by selling passes 

If you own a ground station, do your antennas sit idle most of the day while maintenance costs stack up? Have you explored options for selling surplus capacity, only to discover that satellite transceivers are incompatible with your ground station's modem?

Overcome these obstacles and monetise your antenna's surplus capacity by joining StellarStation's network today.

Gain a new sales channel

Have your ground station listed on our Planning Tool to get noticed by satellite operators. When a customer expresses interest, we'll be in touch!

Reach a broader group of customers

Sell passes to satellite operators who use hardware and protocols that may not normally be compatible with your ground station.

Simplify contracting processes

Our unified Terms of Use ensure that service levels and contractual terms are standardised and applied fairly across all your customers.

Create a leaner ground segment

Scale your ground communications as your business grows. Ensure that you have the flexibility to change communication channels for new generations. Access backup antennas at short notice for emergencies or LEOPs.

As a satellite operator, finding the perfect ground segment for your constellation can be expensive and time-consuming. With StellarStation, you can add or remove antennas from your network any time you like, with no additional engineering required after the initial integration.

We make scaling easy

Our API and partnerships with hardware manufacturers enable access to any station in our network without a VPN, dramatically reducing non-recurring engineering costs as you scale.

Bespoke proposals

Our small, responsive team takes the time to listen to your requirements and is always happy to create a custom proposal, or deploy additional ground stations that meet your specific needs.

Service packages for every stage

Use our On-Demand service to try out StellarStation for backup passes or LEOPs. Or take the next step with our Pre-Reservation service to get bulk pricing and guaranteed passes on specific ground stations. 

Secure, Reliable, and Responsive

99.5 % Platform Availability

StellarStation uses Google Cloud, with services spread across multiple availability zones. All our servers are container-based and orchestrated to allow for rolling updates with no downtime.

Best practices in security

We follow industry-standard best practices, with all data transfers encrypted, even between our servers internally.

Responsive support team

We have 24/7 monitoring for all our servers and ground stations, and our Network Operations and Platform Development teams are on hand to troubleshoot any failed passes or fix bugs.

Want to find out more?

Want to find out more? Visit, where you can find our API and support documentation, our Ground Station Search tool and sign up for an account.

Simpler ground segments for modern space businesses
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