Infostellar, the creator of StellarStation, an innovative cloud based platform,  and provider of global Ground Segment as a Services (GSaaS) to the space industry, is pleased to announce the opening of our first ground station location in Japan. This new, multi-purpose ground station is located in the Hokkaido Prefecture at Taiki-cho in the north of Japan, making it an ideal location for hosting satellite tracking antennas in any orbital inclination, and is especially attractive to  Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites.

"With our new ground station site in Taiki, Infostellar has expanded our services to include dedicated hosting antennas for satellite operators interested in performing spacecraft contacts in this region of the world," said Naomi Kurahara, CEO and Co-Founder of Infostellar. "We are now poised to expand our customer base by providing increased access to key and strategic Asia Pacific market areas for remote sensing, Internet of Things (IoT) and SATCOM clients," Kurahara added. 

Hosted 3M, Remote Sensing Antenna

Infostellar has pioneered the concept of providing cloud-based GSaaS services to space operations companies through its unique StellarStation platform. By adding dedicated hosting services at the Taiki ground station, and future locations in Central and Southern Japan, Infostellar enhances its ability to provide services to the global space industry. With worldwide network operations in Asia Pacific; Europe, the Middle East and Africa; and our new Americas region operating in the United States, Infostellar is quickly becoming the go-to solution [provider] for a wide range of satellite applications.

Tom Pirrone, CEO of Infostellar U.S. said, "There is a real need for global access to ground-based  resources, however, there is also an expanding interest in operating in Japan for local and regional coverage of the Asia Pacific region. We have already contracted two key U.S. space operations players at our Taiki site and we have a full pipeline that requires additional capacity expansion in Taiki in the very near future. We are now in the process of expanding operations at Taiki and we are also engaged in discussions on our first ground station location in Okinawa which is of great interest to both the US and global space communities." 

Infostellar Taiki hosting facility, site entrance.

Infostellar is in an expansion mode to continue to enhance both its GSaaS and Dedicated Hosting services. To further support our growing user base, Infostellar works very closely with local, regional and international regulatory players as an active partner in gaining licensing and approvals for our clients. "Our ability to communicate effectively with space regulators and licensing officials in Japan and abroad allows our company to provide the much-needed expertise and support to gain operational approvals," Kurahara said.  "Being a full-service provider to the global space industry is the realization of the vision that Infostellar was founded upon," she added. 

Infostellar is also adding more ground stations around the world to continue to provide customers with the highest-quality services, in a cost-effective manner.

About Infostellar

Infostellar is a satellite 'Ground Segment as a Service' (GSaaS) provider. Infostellar provides flexible and scalable ground station services enabled by our cloud platform, 'StellarStation', which virtualizes ground station networks. Infostellar also provides support for the ground segment operations necessary for satellite operations, such as radio license acquisition and frequency coordination operations. By lowering the barriers to entry in the ground segment, Infostellar empowers new space businesses to build better missions and improve the quality of their service. Founded in 2016, Infostellar is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and has offices in the U.K. and the U.S.

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About StellarStation

StellarStation is a flexible, scalable, satellite ground station sharing platform. After a one-time setup, satellite operators can access any ground station across Infostellar’s global network. StellarStation also enables ground station owners to monetize their unused capacity by making it available to satellite operators.